My collages evoke our experience of the moment; defined by layers of history, not all visible, but nonetheless, still experienced. The hidden layers create a richness that otherwise would not be. 

My work is spontaneous. I surround myself with an abundant variety of handmade and appropriated papers. The layers are informed by instinct. At the same time my collages are influenced by what is available, they also reflect my experience and observations.

I am inspired by our personal stories, our histories, what's beneath the surface, and how any given moment is informed by the layers of our past.



"en el momento" series

In hindsight, my previous series, the "white out" series, propelled me into a sabbatical from collage work and into a completely different creative outlet... Latin dance. I was introduced to Salsa, discovered Bachata, and danced my way into a new passion. I've returned to collage with the life and energy I find in Latin music and dance spilling over into my collage work. Each piece in the "en el momento" series is full of color, joy, passion, intensity and connection. 

"white out" series

In 2015, something shifted, resulting in the "white out" series. 

White out - a transient loss of vision characterized by a perceived dimming of light and color. 

In the "white out" series, painting over collages from the "moments' series with gesso (a substance similar to white paint used to prepare a surface for painting), the moments are barely visible or recognizable, speaking to the concept that there's aways more going on than what is presented, intentional or not. 

"moments" series

Beginning in 2012, while jewelry was my main creative outlet, through 2015, the "moments" series of collages emerged, crystalizing my passion for collage, each expressing a moment in time.