Art reaches a place deep within us. With art, we connect... with our higher power, with our true selves, and with others.

Art allows us to enter into a space where we can know our soul. In the creative process, we open ourselves up to hear our inner voice, and align with our higher self. Immersing in the process, we lose our sense of time, and more importantly, we lose our ego. In that place, we get out of our own way and simply allow the process to happen, being guided without being aware. How does this heal? By allowing our truth to emerge.

Sometimes during the process, awareness of buried feelings surface, other times a message may come to us, both offering an opportunity to take a deeper look, also inviting healing.

The completed work of art becomes a representation of our growth, healing, and transformation.

Witnessing an authentic work of art of another can have just as strong an impact when we come upon a work of art that resonates with us. Art is a form of communication and can speak to us in ways that are not so obvious. We may feel aligned with the artist who created the work, their life, their experience, their personality, and/or we may connect with the work itself, with a feeling expressed, or a concept rendered. A work of art that resonates with us reflects what is inside us, giving us a mirror to look at, again inviting healing.

With art comes connection. And with connection comes healing.

AuthorSylvia Taylor